Donations to Juropa may be deducted for tax purposes in the whole of Switzerland!

Juropa has been a registered charity since November 2004 . Its public benefit was recognized by the Cantonal Tax Office of St. Gall on the 16th May 2005, since children and youth work benefits society as a whole. Thus donations are tax-deductable throughout Switzerland!

The Juropa work is literally bursting boundaries - it is growing fast. One-year trainees and other trainees are at our disposal and have to be paid a remuneration. Further courses are at the planning stage, other countries want to take part in the exchange, material is urgently needed, the office space has to be increased and much besides. On the Download Page you can download last year's annual balance sheet (budget).

Besides finding co-works the finances present boundaries - who will help us, to extend the boundaries? For the Juropa Project we have annual "Project Costs" of over 100,000 SFr. A high target that we can only achieve with your help. Your contribution could be:

  • Personal single or regular gifts
  • Sponsoring contribution to your Youngstars' group or church, e.g. on the occasion of a sponsored run/race or similar
  • Juropa partnership for a European country of your choice


Our bank accounts details:

Juropa bank account in Switzerland:
Verein Juropa
Friedheimstr. 10a
8608 Bubikon
Bank Linth,Kaltbrunn 
Clearing: 8731 
Account-No: 302604.2002
PC-Konto der Bank: 30-38170-0
IBAN: CH37 0873 1003 0260 4200 2


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